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Freelance Web Solutions is pleased to announce a special offer for website design services. With only MK200, 000 you can claim your responsive website of up to 40 pages.

The offer includes free one-year domain registration, free one-year web hosting (1GB Disk Space, unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosted domain etc), and free one-year maintenance. Terms and conditions apply.

NB: This offer doesn’t apply to e-commerce website design services.

Grab your offer now before September 30, 2019. Contact Us on +26521226352 or Call/WhatsApp on +265885096052

As one way of giving back to the community, Freelance Web Solutions is offering free website design and development services to non-profit organisations in order to help them use the web to drive their missions forward. Proposals are solicited only for Non-profit organisation. Proposals from other sectors, will not be considered.

It’s an undisputed fact that the world is going digital. Over half of the world’s population is already online. This is an opportunity for every nonprofit organization to showcase their activities online thereby attracting potential donors and volunteers. Up to five websites will be granted this year. For over ten years, we’ve worked with several nonprofits.

Along this journey, we have learned a lot especially how we can build a useful nonprofit website. You can appreciate our work by checking,, or just to name a few.

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Application opens: March 16, 2019

Application closes: April 15, 2019

If you have any questions on how to apply, please contact Faith Chisale at

If you are reading this article, it is either you want to start a new Facebook Advertising campaign or you already have one but you are failing to know how to measure its success.

You are not alone. Many people spend hundreds of dollars to run Facebook ads but don’t have a clue as to how they can measure the success of their campaigns. So, if you are one of them then continue reading this article.

To begin with, measuring the success of Facebook campaigns are pretty straightforward because Facebook provides you with an abundance of metrics that allow you to track your ad’s results.

However, one thing I have discovered is that most business owners find it difficult to measure the success of their ads because they fail to set clear goals and objectives for their campaigns.

Just like any other marketing campaign, you need to have a clear goal as to why you are running a campaign. What is your goal? More Clicks? More Likes? More Video Views? The choice is yours. However, the point is, without a clear goal for your campaign, you won’t be able to measure its success.

The good news is that Facebook helps you to come up with a formula to measure the success of advertising campaigns. That’s why when you start a new campaign, from the ads manager you are asked to choose one objective.

Your choice determines the kind of data you will receive as the main result to measure. For example, when you choose “boost post,” you’ll see a cost per interaction. By choosing “send people to your website,” you’d get a cost per link click and when you select “promote your page,” you’ll get a cost per like, etc.

Setting Up a Facebook Campaign Goals

Yes, you might be wondering as to how you can set an effective campaign goal. One thing you need to understand first of all is that a goal is something you want to achieve at the end of the campaign.

Therefore, the following are some of the common goals of Facebook Ads:

Brand Awareness

If you want to promote your business to reach many people, then brand awareness can be ideal for you. This means that your success will be measured based on the number of people who have seen or reached by your Ad. So, even if people don’t comment and like your posts, it won’t be an issue.

Lead Generation

Do you want to generate new potential customers? Then, you need to set up an ad campaign in which you will be able to collect customer information such as phone number and email address in exchange for a product/service discount or something valuable.

The success of this campaign can be measured by looking at the number of people who have shared their information by messaging you or signing up for your newsletter.

Driving Sales

Sometimes you may need your ads to give you more sales. Therefore, your campaign can contain a direct product link to your online shop for online purchase or a text which simply asks your customers to visit your physical shop in exchange for a discount or something valuable.

You can measure this based on the number of people who have actually purchased the product by clicking your link. Link clicks only doesn’t matter on this. It can also be a number of people who have visited your physical shop and bought your goods.

So, as you can see, it all depends on your campaign goals and objectives to be able to measure its success.

If you want to know more information on this, our certified online advertising professionals are here to help you.

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