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Starting a new business can be scary, but all you have to do is set up a rock-solid foundation to make it last. It is important to know a few tips and tricks to help it stay afloat and grow as time goes by.

With most businesses moving to the digital landscape, having a physical office or address is now optional. Buying a domain name and building an attractive and user-friendly website is what should be done before officially launching your business. This action goes hand in hand with creating a business email address.

Many first-time business owners tend to neglect using a professional business email address as they feel like it would not make much of a difference. But if you want to gain credibility or if you’re planning for expansion, you may want to provide an easy way for your future employees to file their leave and address business matters officially.

With that, here are a few reasons why your business badly needs to use a business email address using the company’s domain name:

Establishes trust and credibility

One of the first things prospective customers look for in a professional email is the presence of a business domain. Having an email that reads is more likely to be trusted and read by prospects than or This is because using business domains on the email address makes the email more legitimate and the website searchable. If they’ll be able to search for the website on your email’s domain easily, the more they are inclined to browse through and trust it.

So, one of the things you should invest in is finding a hosting service that will get your newly bought domain name up and running. While you’re at it, you better keep an eye out for those who offer hosting packages to lessen your expenses. Just make sure to come up with a domain name that makes a strong impact and is memorable so the prospects you send emails to can recall it easily.

Gives an air of professionalism

All startups and small businesses have one thing in common: to be recognized by the public as a legitimate business. If you’re dreaming of being taken as seriously as an established or well-known company, you better start by using a business email address. Using your personal email address to address business matters just won’t look good to customers because it will seem like you’re not taking it seriously – even if you are.

To establish your brand

One of the best advantages of using business email addresses in conducting your business is that it lets you expose your company to those you send emails to. It doubles as free marketing if used correctly. Contrary to popular belief, email is still one of the main communication platforms.

Even if customers message you on your social media pages (if any) they will still have to send you an email for inquiries. Or you may need to send your customers promotional emails or updates regarding their purchases. Whatever it may be, making your domain name easily seen by customers will make them aware of your company’s existence and authenticity.

Standardized emails for easy organization

Even if you’re the only one manning the operations behind the scenes, it’s good to have separate email addresses for different departments or purposes. This may be,,, or to keep track of all incoming communications easily.

It’s also preferable to have a direct line of communication with you and all your employees. For instance, you may use your first name’s initial combined with your last name or your full name. It may look like or

Be mindful of capitalization because the first half of an email address is case-sensitive. To prevent typographical errors, it’s best to use lowercase letters only. Play it safe and don’t use uppercase characters and other symbols as well as numbers.

For easy tracking and maintenance

When you have employees, it’s best not to let them use their own personal email when attending to clients and partners. Aside from maintaining professionalism, this will hinder you as an owner to gain access to the full transaction and keep a record of it in your system. If the employee leaves the company, you might not be able to retrieve the confidential company information that has been sent to their personal email. But when you mandate that your employees use an official company email, turnover, and account maintenance is easy as pie.

Will keep confidential information secure

Conducting business communications and transactions will require your customer to disclose their personal information. Considering this, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you entrust sensitive information to a sketchy email address that’s been sending you offers for products or services? Probably not. So, it’s safe to conclude that customers deserve to get the treatment you expect from other businesses.

Additionally, business email addresses are more secure than free email services such as Google which limits your privacy. Your email accounts are more secure with a web hosting service and can be trusted to keep sensitive information strictly confidential. You can also opt to add additional security systems if you want to.

With all these foolproof benefits, what’s hindering you from using a professional business email address?

About The Author:

Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun. She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.

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