Petroda Malawi commenced its operation in 1999 as being the 5th Oil Marketing Company in Malawi at the time and has proudly spread its wings with a network of 3 storage depots and 26 retail service stations nationwide mainly serving the nation with quality refined white petroleum products and motor vehicle lubricants.

Petroda Malawi swiftly managed to grasp 22 % of the market share within a short period due to providing it commitment to its clients and better service throughout the nation. Petroda is solely owned by the Nahdi family, who has established Oil Marketing Companies under the trading name of OILCOM and Petroda and is present in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, and Rwanda.

Petroda Malawi is also a member (shareholder) of Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL), a company set up in partnership with all major oil marketing companies in Malawi to achieve economies of scale for importation of petroleum products into Malawi. Petroda Malawi has a website that encourages better engagement with all its clients since having a vast customer base.

Petroda Malawi

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