Nditha Mindset is an online coaching website owned by Irene Mphasto, who is also the founder of the coaching site. The coaching site mainly focuses on coaching and mentoring women who are done playing small and those ready to stand in their power and get a life transformation. Irene says, “I can’t fully express the fulfillment and satisfaction that I get from seeing my clients successfully transition from a place of utter desperation to one of confident clarity and absolute contentment”.

Irene is a corporate girl turned entrepreneur with a difference to impact women’s lives by helping them overcome any limiting ideas that keep them playing small, hiding, and shying away from earning more incorporate using mindset and practical strategies.

She recently completed her Master’s degree in Business Administration and brings her vast practical experience with powerful business and mindset mastery hacks to ensure that the clients she works with get enormous return on their investment and have a transformational life experience. Her site created by Freelance Web Solutions helps her meet her vision and creates a platform for women around the world to engage and get the necessary coaching they need.

Nditha Mindset

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