The ability to serve your customers well begins with choosing b2b service providers that assist you  in a way that daily tasks are completed in the most convenient way. This assists your customers to experience the best user experience. 

 An insurance company is highly recommended they own a website that is both functional and effective in terms of quote requests, data entry, informative display, professionalism etc. this is what Libertas General Insurance got from getting a  website re-design, Freelance Web Solutions helped them meet objectives.

Libertas General Insurance Company Limited previously known as Liberty General Insurance Company is a general insurance (non-life) company that has been operating in Malawi since 1996. They are one of the fastest-growing entities in the Malawian insurance market.

They are also regarded as one of the most innovative insurers for offering risk solutions that are not offered by other players in the market. Their business model is based on creating products that have relevance in the market and forming strong partnerships. They have experience in creating solutions that work and benefit their partners

The companies administration capability and understanding of insurance operations ensures that administration is done efficiently and with integrity. They have invested in technology platforms among those a  website developed Freelance Web Solutions. The website enables that day to day  business is cost-effective and efficient for all their customers

Libertas General Insurance

Client Name
: Libertas General Insurance
: Corporate Web Design Solutions
: Completed