Blantyre City Council is an environmentally friendly, high quality, efficient and effective demand driven municipal service in partnership with the individual and corporate residents to attain better quality lives for all residents in the City.

The Blantyre City Council was in need of a digital presences in order to provide interaction that is ongoing between the residents who are their primary target and other stakeholders as well as the City leadership.

Blantyre City Council say’s “This site plays an important role in providing a platform for the Council to appraise the residents on public services delivered by providing up-to-date information and news. It is also a channel for residents and other stakeholders to provide feedback to the City leadership.”

Basically the website designed by Freelance Web Solutions has features that assist the council with better engagement, among general public and other stakeholders.

Blantyre City Council

Client Name
: Blantyre City Council
: Corporate Web Design Solutions
: Completed