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Effective Website
How to Own an Effective Website

A website is an investment. Therefore, it should have a Return on Investment (ROI). You create a website so that it helps your business grow either by serving your existing customers or attracting new consumers. This means that a website with no ROI is useless. A website can therefore only be deemed “effective” if it…

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A Message from CEO Marshall Dyton On Covid-19

Since the Coronavirus outbreak also known as Covid-19, a lot of things have happened. Many companies have taken bold decisions by adjusting how they operate and some have even told their staff to work from home as one of the precaution measures. If you are reading this message from a country with confirmed cases, please…

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Website Maintenance
What Does Web Maintenance Really Entails?

In this post today we are going to discuss about Website Maintenance Service. If you have a Website Iam very sure that this is not a new term to you. However our ten years of experience on different website design projects, we have discovered that most of our clients still don’t understand the importance of…

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Website offer
Limited Offer: Get a Responsive Website for Only MK200,000

Freelance Web Solutions is pleased to announce a special offer for website design services. With only MK200, 000 you can claim your responsive website of up to 40 pages . The offer includes a free one year domain registration, free one year web hosting (1GB Disk Space, unlimited emails, unlimited bandiwidth, unlimited hosted domain etc)…

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Freelance Web Solutions Corporate Website
Apply for a Free Website Design for Your Nonprofit

As one way of giving back to the community, Freelance Web Solutions is offering free website design and development services to non-profit organisations in order to help them use the web to drive their missions forward. Proposals are solicited only for Non-profit organisation. Proposals from other sectors, will not be considered. It’s undisputed fact that…

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