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Affordable Website Design & Development

Freelance Web Solutions Malawi specializes in delivering high quality web design and development services for all individuals, company and organization types. Our unique Objective Based Approach makes us to be on top of our game. In fact, we don’t design websites anymore—we design and develop solutions and to us every customer is different.
We provide two types of web design and development services; One-time payment and Monthly Subscriptions plans.


This plan is for you if you have enough budget, time, ideas and knowledgeable team to manage your website after it is done. It also works better if it is a static website and with no much updates. So, if you want to take care of all website development and design costs, updates, domain registration, hosting, maintenance etc this option is right for you.


Do you need a dynamic website but you don’t have technical know-how to Manage it? Do you have bigger vision to grow your business online? Then this plan is for you.
We provide regular maintenance and upkeep to be the best practice with your website to ensure perfect functionality, compatibility, and the best possible search engine rankings.
Your website remains current, secure and fresh which boosts your search engine ranking.  We even go an extra mile to give you a bundle of extra features at no extra charge or at a very discounted rate, for the lifetime of the subscription package such as marketing tips and tricks, customer only content and many more.

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