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Mai Aisha Trust, is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 2002. Mai Aisha focuses on relief and development, through sustainable and approaches aimed at empowering the rural communities to improve their living conditions.
The trust seeks to empower the rural communities get access to education, health care and sustainable livelihood.

The organization’s philosophy is that improved livelihood is essential for social and economic development. The program developed and implemented by Mai Aisha Trust are designed to foster independence from donor assistance.

In order to increase their legitimacy of the organization and solidifies its professionalism when soliciting support Mai Aisha Trust thought of creating an active online digital platform.They later approached Freelance Web Solutions for a website design.

Owning a website helped convey the role of their NGO, this helped potential members and partners better understand the NGO’s cause, which is particularly important when they are seeking for grants, tenders, or donations.

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