A major objective for many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is welfare work in relation to poverty and disease or in respect to social groups such as the elderly or children. Some other types of NGOs help groups of people to unite at a grass-roots level and find their voice in local and national government. in order to meet objectives it is necessary  that their website is able to increase Search engine optimization, with well-organized content, user-friendly site, effective calls to action be able to increase conversion rate thus reaching out to more people. with the website MSS (Madinah Social Services) owns this is possible.

MSS has been operating now for 13 years, within this period opening up seven clinics in total, all running smoothly, well stocked and equipped professionally. They care affiliated to prestigious donor organizations such as Bilal trust, Ummah Welfare Trust, Drop of Compassion, Doctors Worldwide, Junaid Jumshed Fund. All these organizations trust them  for their commendable planning of interventions, financial transparency and proposed interventions.

MSS is committed to transparency, efficiency, honesty, and integrity. MSS functions free of political, social or denominational association. They believe in working in partnership with the healthcare sector, including government; NGOs, corporates, individuals, and the communities they serve. 

To ensure that all MSS stakeholders are able to engage with the organization they decided to have a website created by Freelance Web Solutions, this further helps them serve and communicate with the community effectively .

Madinah Social Services

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: Madinah Social Services
: Nonprofit Web Design Solutions
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