Footsteps Africa are a village hub that creates and promotes the boreholes space to provide safe drinking water, produce nutritious food, generate income for women, and exchange practical life skills for improving the capabilities and rights of rural poor women in dry-land communities in Malawi.

Footsteps Africa has an aim to use the borehole area for productive initiatives. In most rural areas woman usually wait on long queues before it’s their turn to draw water Footsteps Africa saw an opportunity to target woman who would be taught productive initiatives e.g. farming, saving money, doing business, finding business opportunities etc.

Websites are where most people go to learn about an organization and since Footsteps Africa needed a strong website that would communicate everything the organization implements and believes in, they approached Freelance Web Solutions and had them design a website. This helped increase legitimacy and credibility as the website reflects to stakeholder’s necessary content.

Footsteps Africa

Client Name
: Footsteps Africa
: Nonprofit Web Design Solutions
: Completed