What is the Cost of Building a Website in 2021?

What is the Cost of Building a Website in 2021?

The digital world is getting enhanced every single day and with the look of things, companies in Malawi ought to prioritize having a digital presence. Research shows that having a website can increase sales by 45% and over 80 percent consumers do research online before buying a product or acquiring your services. And, having a website that is effective – which accurately reflects your brand is very important.

However, having recognized the importance of having a digital presence, many companies and organizations have boldly come to us and the first question they ask is the cost of having a website and only a small percentage ask the benefits of having one.

To begin with, the cost of your website will depend on your requirements such as the number and type of features you need etc. It’s impossible to justify a certain price without having an overview of your requirements.

We believe that every company has its own set of unique requirements that are in alignment with the company’s objectives. This is what determines the pricing strategy. The nature of a specific company’s requirements also attracts the complexity or simplicity of the website creation which also determines the costs. For example, some companies just need to display their information and provide contact details, this would cost way less compared to others.

It’s like going to a car dealer and asking the cost of a car. Before you go any further the car dealer will ask the kind of a car you need and your budget. Only when you describe what you need and your budget, will the car dealer help you to locate the perfect car for you. Your specifications will determine the cost of the car too. It works the same way with web development, unless you say what you want and the specifications you need, will you be effectively assisted.

How much you will spend on your website project also depends on whether you want to build the website yourself or you want to hire someone. Either way, the costs incurred are different. For example, if you hire someone, the cost will depend on what (Content Management System) (CMS) he will use, if he is designing or developing from scratch etc. This will determine how much time he will take to complete your project.

Nevertheless, there are four features that contribute to the costs of your website development namely;

  1. Design and Development
  2. Domain registration
  3. hosting
  4. Website maintenance

Design and Development

Initially before any steps have been taken to develop any website, developers need to understand what you want to achieve by developing the website. What specific goals you are hoping to achieve by developing your website. Do you just want your information on the website or you are looking for an advanced website that automatically does the work for you? The more complex your objective is the more the costs increase.

A small static information website can cost you from MK200,000 while a dynamic website with more functionalities can cost you around MK800,000 and above.

But again, the cost of the design and development will totally depend on what type of a website you want determined by your business goals.

Of course, there are website builders which allow you to create a simple basic website in no time with minimal costs however, if you have a plan to scale, it is not a recommended solution because you will end up paying more than expected as you will be required to hire someone experienced to add more complex functionalities on that platform.

You can fill our questionnaire here to get an accurate quote for your next project.

Domain Name

A domain name is the unique internet identity that can be used only by you. It is actually the address that people type in a web browser to access your website. To ensure you have intellectual rights to the domain name, you have to register it for a minimum of one year and it is expected to be renewed every year. If you don’t renew it, you lose the rights and is available to be registered by other entities.

The price of the domain depends on the extension you want to register i.e .COM, .ORG, .MW etc. The charges generally cover the maintenance cost of the accredited domain registry entity.

You can acquire your brand-new domain from us by clicking here.


Web Hosting is defined as the service of providing the computer equipment and software for a website on the internet and making it available for people to see. This computer is called server on which you can store all the files and data necessary for your website to work properly. The server is always connected to the internet so that your website can be found 24/7/365 as long as you continue paying for this service.

Without a hosting service, your website cannot be accessible on the internet.

When buying a web hosting service, there are some factor you need to check properly. These include and not limited to:

  • Bandwidth the limit of user traffic your website can have
  • Storage – how much space you will need to depending the size of your website files
  • Scalability – if you run out of space, can you easily upgrade without any hassles?
  • Support – how quick you will be assisted when you have an issue with your service
  • Backup – does the website provide full backups in case that you are hacked or run into a certain problem
  • Business emails – Does your hosting package come with free business emails or you have to pay separately?

There are many companies out there providing free hosting services however it is not recommended for business websites because the chances of people stealing your data is high.  At Freelance Web Solutions we have affordable hosting packages from only Mk4,000 a month. You can order one here.


Your website needs to be updated regularly – either by uploading new content or fixing bugs. Take it as a car which needs service every now and then. You can learn more about website maintenance service here.

The cost of this service from Freelance Website is between MK5,000 to MK55,000 a month depending on the maintenance tasks to be carried out on the website.

Other things to consider:

SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a green padlock symbol that you see in a web browser indicating the website is secure to browse. It protects the exchange of valuable information visitors send to or receive from a website e.g through filling a contact or quote form.

In 2017, Google started flagging websites with no SSL certificates – telling users that the website they are trying to visit is not secure and encouraging them not to proceed or do any action like filling a form etc. When you’ve got an SSL certificate protecting your site, your customers are rest assured that the information they enter on any secured page is encrypted and cannot be hijacked by others. So, it is a must that each website should have an SSL certificate.

You can get an SSL certificate for free with any of our hosting packages. However, other websites like those offering payment gateways may need paid SSL Certificates. You can always reach out to us and ask which SSL certificate is right for you.

However, a free SSL Certificate is enough for small & medium-sized businesses and startups as they don’t need payment gateways.

By now I am sure you have a clear picture of how much your website may cost you and how far stretched your budget should be. Regardless of the costs a website really elevates your sales experience and every expenditure returns to you multiplied increasing ROI.

Check out here the effectiveness of owning a website.

If you have further inquiries please don’t hesitate to inform us, we’d be glad to hear from you.

How to Own an Effective Website

How to Own an Effective Website

A website is an investment. Therefore, it should have a Return on Investment (ROI). You create a website so that it helps your business grow either by serving your existing customers or attracting new consumers. This means that a website with no ROI is useless. A website can therefore only be deemed “effective” if it is able give you returns.

However, having an effective website is not easy. It requires a lot of effort. Here are some things that you need to consider for you to have an effective website;

  1. A Website Must Have Goals

Goals define if you will succeed in every venture of life or not. It is the same with a site. The reason that prompted you to have one is the primary goal and must be broken down into smaller goals.

Your website goals are what defines what you want to achieve with your website. What problems do you want solve through your website? Do you want to serve existing customers with new products and services? Or do you want to attract new customers?

Put them in black and white. If you don’t have them, it will be hard to measure the effectiveness of your website.  Remember, goals will determine the structure of your website and its features to effectively reach your targets.

  1. Listen to professional advice

The “the customer is always right” rule doesn’t apply in the technological world. If you want the website to be effective you have to take advice from your developer. The things you want as a client in a site may not match the technical needs or marketability of the site.

An example of this would be asking your developer to add hundreds of photos on the home page which might end up slowing your website. Nobody likes a slow website including search engines as it affects the user’s experience.  Remember, the website is not for YOU but your CUSTOMERS. Many websites fail because the company wants the website to serve them not their customers.

A professional developer who wants to help you won’t always say “yes” to all your requests. As a client, your role is to make sure you get the best developers to develop your site.

  1. Blogging

When was the last time you updated your website? If someone visited your website today, what new things are they going to find? It becomes frustrating to users looking for new information when they see information from six months before.

In this competitive world, the chances are that there are also other people running the same kind of business like yours and it is therefore important to make sure that you always stay ahead of them. Make sure that when people search for the kind of products and services you offer, your website should be found on top of the first page of search engine. This can only be possible if you update your website frequently to improve your search engine ranking.

Google hates outdated websites because it assumes you don’t exist anymore. The best way to ensure that your website is updated is through blogging. So, if you don’t have a blog page on your website, consider adding it now because this is where you will be publishing your latest news and updates. Apart from latest news, you can also be writing anything interesting on your products and services.

  1. Use the Power of Social media

Social media is a very important tool to connect and interact with your customers. But it also helps you generate more traffic to your website. Social media is where you post links of your new blog posts because some people go there to see what’s new. The chances are that you have found this link from any of our social media platforms — that’s how powerful social media is. You can post manually or you can automate it. So if you don’t have a social media account, stop reading this now and go setup one.

  1. Consider Advertising

If you have enough money and you want to reach a wider audience, consider promoting your website through online advertising. You can do this by boosting your blog posts on social media or by promoting your product and services with Google Ads. Either way, you will be allowed to put a link of your website, hence more traffic. If you don’t have enough budget, then consider blogging frequently in order to continue generating traffic for free.

  1. Clear CTA (call to actions)

A CTA is what you want those visiting your website to do. Do you want them to make a donation or to buy a product or to contact you? Then add a call to action button on the page so that your audience knows what to do. Make this clear by adding specific buttons. If you want someone to requesting a quotation of a product- make it clear by adding a button.

Do you want them to call you? Add active phone numbers which will appear on every page of your website. Do you want them to know where your offices are and your business hours? Consider adding a physical address (preferably with a Google map) and opening/closing hours.

  1. Hire a professional

One way to make your website effective is to make it look professional. Make it visually appealing so that it entices people to stay.

If you don’t have enough funds, wait till you have to engage a professional and experienced designer and developer. Don’t be pushed to a cheaper alternative as it may prove not affordable in the long run if it is not helping you attain your goals.

There is no way you can pay 50 bucks for a website and expect it to look like a 5,000 bucks website. Hire a professional developer if you want a meaningful website.

At Freelance Web Solutions, we help small businesses grow online through building effective websites and by providing them with professional advice throughout. Read the story of KB Accounting Services Ltd Here.

There are many things that you can do to have an effective website but let’s stop here for now. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest blog updates.

8 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Small Business

8 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Small Business

Are you thinking about growing your small business? Why not get a website for it?

Actually, the number of small businesses that have a website is quite low in spite of the growth and expansion of technology. It does not matter how small your business might be, having a website proves to be a key when it comes to modern exposure and marketing.

Following are the reasons why your small business requires a website:

1. More Professionalism and Credibility

In general, websites offer a sense of credibility and it helps in establishing your brand as a reliable and professional service. Without a website, your services or products will not be acknowledged by most people because it cannot really be found online.

When you have a website, it offers an opportunity of building a long-lasting relationship with your consumers. It gives them the reassurance that is required for trusting your brand.

2. Increase in Consumer Reach

In recent times, online shopping has proven to rise significantly. It implies that the number of online shoppers has increased significantly and since there is no closing time for the internet, sales are rising even after hours. Since you are capable of accessing a website almost anytime and anywhere, the reach has become significantly wider. It enables your business to grow globally and target demographics beyond your specific location.

When you have a traditional store, your reach is quite limited. In fact, it is limited to only a specific geographic area and it is quite difficult to go beyond this area. However, it is not the same when you have a website. When you have a website, you are able to extend your reach significantly. For instance, you can not only target regional audience but also international audience.

3. Effective Marketing

Actually, your website is working when you are sleeping. It means your website is always promoting and marketing your services and products when you cannot directly. It potentially generates sales almost all the time. Therefore, paying that one-time development fee for your website is quite beneficial when it comes to ensuring the relevance of your brand.

You might be surprised to realise that your website alone functions as an advertisement for all of your services and products. You can further increase your reach by considering social media. It might be a big spend on your budget but it is worth the investment.

4. Saving Money

Another important benefit that you get by having a website is you save money on distribution and printing costs. A website is capable of acting as your online catalogue or brochure that can be updated and changed any time you want. In addition to it, if you make the use of a content management system, you can quickly make changes without paying anything.

Let’s suppose that you are updating your services, you don’t need to go and have brochures or flyers printed in large numbers. Instead, you can just update information on the website and that would be it.

5. Easy Access to Customers

It is quite important for a business to continue making customers. If it does not make customers then it would not be possible for the business to survive. However, making new customers can prove to be quite difficult. However, when you have a website, it becomes a lot easier to make customers. For instance, your website is online and anyone on the web can come to your site.

6. Improve Productivity

When you have a website, it serves to improve the productivity of your business because generally, less time is spent in explaining the service or product details to your customers because all of this information is available on your website. Your customers can visit your website anytime and they can gain the information they need.

7. Educate Consumers

Actually, when you have a website, it serves to provide free advice about your services and products to the customers. It should be noted that this information can be delivered in a consistent and well-thought-out manner at any time of day.

8. Two-Way Communication

When you have a website, customers can easily and quickly contact you, provide you with feedback, and ask about anything that confuses them. It implies that having a website plays quite an important role in facilitating your communication with customers. Usually, consumers have to consider numerous steps before they can reach out to businesses. However, there is no need for customers to follow such a long process when they can just reach out to you from your website.

If you need a website for your small business, you can let us build a website for you. We will deliver a functional and responsive website for only MK200,000. With such a small investment, you can avail all the opportunities that you need to grow your business in an effective way. Checkout how a website can do for you.

A Message from CEO Marshall Dyton On Covid-19

A Message from CEO Marshall Dyton On Covid-19

Since the Coronavirus outbreak also known as Covid-19, a lot of things have happened. Many companies have taken bold decisions by adjusting how they operate and some have even told their staff to work from home as one of the precaution measures.

If you are reading this message from a country with confirmed cases, please feel it in your heart that the entire Freelance Web Solutions team and I are with you during this difficult moment.

To be honest with you, we at Freelance Web Solutions are also concerned with how devastating this pandemic has been.

Nonetheless, this letter is to assure all our customers, that so far, it is still business as usual. You don’t need to worry about anything in regards to the services we are offering to you. Although we may be taking a bit of time in responding to some queries but that won’t have much effect on any of our services offered.

Please subscribe to our newsletter in order to get updated on some upcoming exclusive services that we have which we fell might assist your business to not completely shutdown during this traumatic period.

Lastly, for countries like Malawi, that haven’t yet recorded a single case, let’s sensitize our friends and family that they should no longer live in denial or in Limbo. Rather, accept that Covid-19 is here but at the same time be optimistic that whatever the case (if God willing), we will all pass through this together if we follow what health experts are advising us.


Thank you!

Marshall Dyton
Freelance Web Solutions

What Does Web Maintenance Really Entails?

What Does Web Maintenance Really Entails?

In this post today we are going to discuss about Website Maintenance Service. If you have a Website Iam very sure that this is not a new term to you.

However our ten years of experience on different website design projects, we have discovered that most of our clients still don’t understand the importance of this service and how lack of it can affect the performance of their website.

In a nutshell, website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. Regular monitoring of your website is a must for checking your business running smoothly.

This service contain very important things outlined below:

  1. Software update: this helps your site to use a latest software always.
  2. Security: it gives 100% security to the hackers & other problems that occurs like website being down.
  3. Fresh Content: this helps your site to contain new information always.
  4. SEO: it helps your site to rank on high position & it helps a lot your customers to find what they want easily.
  5. Back up: helps you to keep your important information easily without giving you headache of losing it when something bad occurred.
  6. The advantage of having new features.
  7. It improves visitors experience
  8. Reach every client.

Still confused? Let me put it in this way:

Let’s assume you have bought a car from a car dealer. We all know that after sometime for that car to still perform well you take it for a service. Even if it does not have any problem, you always pay a little something for it to be serviced.

This is what exactly happens to the website. Before something bad happen, you need to maintain it often.

You may wish to know that a website is made from a combination of different tools which needs to be updated always — otherwise you risk it down whether through hackers or outdated code.

When website is maintained regularly it attract retain customers, maintain search engine ranking and present new information, products and services to the public.

Website maintenance is also required to maintain the value of the website over time as the outdated website tells your customers you no longer exist or you don’t care your business any more.

I hope by now you understand why websites need maintenance. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know below.

Limited Offer: Get a Responsive Website for Only MK200,000

Limited Offer: Get a Responsive Website for Only MK200,000

Freelance Web Solutions is pleased to announce a special offer for website design services. With only MK200, 000 you can claim your responsive website of up to 40 pages .

The offer includes a free one year domain registration, free one year web hosting (1GB Disk Space, unlimited emails, unlimited bandiwidth, unlimited hosted domain etc) and free one year maintainance.

Terms and conditions apply.

NB: This offer doesn’t apply to ecommerce website design services.

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